Let's Catch Up!

Monday, April 24, 2017


As we stumble out of bed
These mundane mornings
We look into the mirror
To see all the brightness drowning

The shadows of youth
That no longer come to light
The remains of lust & lore
Of the nights that burnt bright
The shattered hopes
And painful dreams
Of everything we could be.

So much has gone wrong
And what has life become
Dream big, they said
Behind the shallow smirk
Not warning us that one day
We won't dream at all.

So we look into the mirror
And see the spotty face
Dark shadows and baggage
Of dreams long past a fade
We see all we never became
And the life we have to accept
If only the heart would stop
Beating I am I am I am….

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Let's Pretend

Let’s Pretend
To be who we’re not
More Successful
Adulting like a boss

Let’s Create
With updates of life
Check-ins and likes
Pouts and kisses
A mirage of life

Let’s be hypocrites
And throw around advice
On relationships & life
On jobs & success
On how to adult
Without pretense

Let’s hide everything we are
The misery, the plight
All the difficulties in sight
Singing in the spotlight
About our beautiful life

Let’s put on a happy face
Because at the end of the day
That’s really all we are
Exhausted unpaid Actors
In this never-ending rat race.

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